for a Lush taxi today in Pembrey and Burry Port


Enjoy no card fees with on board chip and pin when you book Visa Cabs as well as Visa Taxi fares with our best service now available in Pembrey and Burry Port for station arrivals 

Just use our dial or text a Burry Port Cab - Save the Dial a Cab number for mobile phone users -

07876 - 567  - 888 

Contact us for an assured experience with true cab comfort for a down to Earth service.

There are Visa fares constructed to offer card holders real benefits for advance booking a taxi  or Airport Transfers or  Taxis fares paid in advance  by visa card  for say a  Burry  port taxi journey or a Bridgend Cab journey also for that matter

Use the Cab fare calculator to calculate your regular taxi journey cost and book a fixed rate taxi with that knowledge that with your card if in Pembrey and Burry Port for example you can save all the hassle if you have no cash to pay the taxi fare or cab fare

click here for fantastic Airport Cabs Wales deals also paid by card

As this is a  priority service for train passengers and frequent flyers searching for  Burry Port station cabs or Bridgend Station taxis or Bridgend Station Cabs or just Airport cabs or airport taxis

This  cab service is now  firmly available in Pembrey and Burry Port for visa card users with no transaction charges and sensational advantages if arriving  Pembrey and Burry Port  railway station or Pencoed Station, Pyle Station, Maesteg Station for example. Our Best service Station visa taxi or cab  service is a priority service that awaits visa card holders even in Swansea with a guarantee if paying for your cab by card. Visa deals are not  made available to cash payers in our collection areas including Pembrey and Burry Port and down the train track to Carmarthen and Swansea railway station including Bridgend Mid Glamorgan

The Daily Planet is proud to offer this cab services and as a result one has a chance to take good advantage  and therefore benefit from the ease of making a card payment with guarantees and no worries when ever travelling by cab or local taxi.

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for  quotes in your town or village if not shown

CHIP and Pin payments for regular taxi fares: No charges No fees

Visa fares for Students

Special offers - available to visa card users only

Visa fares for national collections and deliveries

Be very sure the Daily Planet visa Taxi service (The Daily Planettakes pride in offering card holders PCI compliance with recognised Merchant industry security standards with data protection also for a cool calm transaction experience always in Burry Port, Pyle, Pencoed, Bridgend and more

Data secure payment compliant

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